Welcome to the second post in my "College Is..." series! I asked around to my fellow college colleagues (can I call them that or...?) to describe college in one sentence. Obi responded with: "College is not for the weak-hearted." Geez, right? College is not for the weak-hearted. Although this quote is very straight forward and pretty blunt, it's nothing but the truth. 

Like we discussed in my last College Is post, college is a learning experience. People will be there for you, backstab you, be fake, be friendly and everything else in between. It's a tough atmosphere and you're constantly surrounded by those types of people every second of the day. It can be taxing on someone that doesn't have a strong foundation built within themselves. I wouldn't necessarily say that college is NOT for the weak-hearted, because it allows you to face many opportunities that will strengthen your heart, but you'll have a hard time if you take things personally all of the time. I have to remind myself daily that taking things personally can lead to major self destruction. Someone is randomly an a-hole to you? OK, maybe they're having a bad day but it is not about you

You could go into college completely naive (which most people do) and leave college with a strong heart and zero tolerance for bullshit. I believe that everyone starts at this "weak-hearted" point. We wear our heart on our sleeves when we first arrive to college because we're just so excited for the new experience. We're so excited we left people back at home. We're so excited that everyone is SO friendly (at first). We're excited for the newness that college is. We're weak. We haven't even encountered half of the obstacles that college throws at you. We're fresh, n00bs (if you will). 

So yeah, college is not for the weak-hearted. But it may take some people awhile to gain that strength than others. Shoot, some people may come into college with a steady mind, hard head and strong heart while others might find their strength as the years pass. I'll leave you with that to ponder + with this quote...

"It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened." – Philip Sidney


Another 8 Things Wanted! I really love doing these posts because then I can look back when it's time to shop and see the things that I really want. Spring isn't really in full force like I might've hinted during the last 8 Things post. It's still fairly cold here, but I love looking at pretty Spring things. I'm really into buying more shoes lately, but I haven't made any purchase yet. I'm waiting to see what shoes I can give away before making the splurge on a couple of new pairs. Apparently, I have 26 pairs of shoes here at school (which is ridiculous, since I only probably wear 5 pairs).

I need new heels. New heels that are comfortable and that are cute. I have a few now that I barely wear because they are just so darn uncomfortable. These pink simple ones are super cute for Spring and Summer and look quite comfortable because of the thicker heel. I love basics, with a spin so these espadrille sneakers are so up my alley. They are SO chic and I can already see myself wearing them with some of the outfits in my closet now. Ever since I got my black Nike Pegasus sneakers, I have been craving another pair. I'm really into getting a pair of lighter colored sneakers for the warmer weather and these gold pair from J.Crew x New Balance are perfect. I love the hint of gold on the heel.

I've got a new love for Miss Guided. I can't believe I've never ordered anything from there before! The prices are fairly inexpensive and everything is too cute/trendy. I've always wanted a skirt like this before because I think it's super sporty and would go well with a pair of sneakers. Besides needing more heels, I also need more girly dresses in my wardrobe. I really, really love this fabulous one from Miss Guided. I love the cut, color and fabric used. It's so elegant, but could easily be paired with a jean jacket and some simple sandals for a casual day or be dressed up with those pink heels for a night out (the back of the dress is gorgeous too!).

And lastly, Darling Magazine has been on my wishlist lately! I wandered into Anthropologie to get the latest issue, but they didn't have any in stock. Darling Magazine's mission is so cool to me. They do no retouching and have awesome people featured. It's a bit pricier, at $20 an issue, but I think it's worth it for such a sturdy and beautiful publication.